Sustainable oil refining can be more profitable

Our innovative refining technology allows refineries and consumers to be more environmentally friendly, while creating higher production margins

Patented in 60+ countries


Lower Eco Footprint

eco friendly
Our refining process allows existing refineries to lower environmental impact:
Cut CO2 emissions by up to 50% in production
Reduce energy consumption in production
Decrease pollutants in diesel & maritime oil by up to 20% in use

Versatile Deployment

white and green train on rail
Our technology is highly flexible and can be deployed as:
An additional stage at existing refineries
The primary component in new refineries,
saving up to 80% of set-up costs
Can produce VLSF maritime oil, diesel, solvents, gas oil and more

Bringing second life

to oil waste

Our process allows extraction of high-quality light fractions from:
Crude oil - Up to 95%
Maztut & Oil residue - Up to 92%
Oil Sludge - Up to 90%


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